Re: [wmii] rc.wmii.local does not work

From: sqweek <>
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2007 12:15:48 +0800

On 10/19/07, arnuld <> wrote:
> I just want to mention that I have installed the recommended version of wmii:
> [arnuld_AT_Arch64 ~]$ wmii -v
> wmii-snap20070516, (c)2007 Kris Maglione
> [arnuld_AT_Arch64 ~]$
> and this version read only rc.wmii from user's home directory. It does not
> read wmiirc or rc.wmii.local as it responds to changes in rc.wmii file but
> not in others.

 No, this version reads rc.wmii from wherever it can find it _if_ wmii
can find p9p or 9base installed. If it didn't find either, then it
falls back to loading wmiirc.
 rc.wmii reads rc.wmii.local.
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