Re: [wmii] problem with 3.6 installation under MacOSX

From: David <>
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2007 15:36:39 +0100

Joerg van den Hoff <> writes:
>> If you delete the .wmii-3.5 directory in your home, does the wmii
>> welcome window appear?
> no. I directly end up with the screen shown in the screenshot mentioned in
> my previous mail.
> as the menu (mod1+a) appears, I can select `welcome' there, too, but without
> any effect. only thing working is selecting `exec' or `quit' both of which
> abort the X session.

Hmm... Could it be that the binaries are simply not in your PATH? What
happens if you export the WMII_ADDRESS variable as described in sqweek's
mail and call 'wmiistartrc' manually in the terminal (or 'welcome' in
the etc-directory)?

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