[wmii] [ANN] New snap, major changes: wmii+ixp-20080120

From: Kris Maglione <jg_AT_suckless.org>
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2008 19:35:41 -0500


This new snap fixes most of the major annoyances of wmii, from
my perspective. I'm the only one to have tested the changes
(though I've been using the bleeding edge for some time now), so
testers are very welcome. Among the major changes are EWMH
support (including better fullscreen support, and checks for
frozen clients), XRandR support (which means you can change your
resolution, but need an extra package [libxrandr-dev] on
debian), different titlebars for floating clients, better revert
support (when you send a client to/from the floating layer, it
will lose less information), and no more crashes from managed
grabbox moves. Also, rc.wmii and wmiirc have been cleaned up
significantly (and there's a wmii.rc include to make writing
scripts easier).

One more important thing, which I almost forgot. I've added a
hack to get programs you launch to do things you'd like, like
start on the view you opened them from, or float. It's evil,
yes, but it's been worth it to me. It won't work on terminals,
though, because they're suid root.

 From hg:
        Uncollapse clients when setting them fullscreen.
        Filter comments out of ctl files.
        Update util/genconfig.
        Add a notification bar (I've had one for some time).
        Make wmiirc more like rc.wmii.
        Fixed most of the brokenness of managed grabbox moves.
        Add XRandR support.
        Much better fullscreen support.
        Better revert support.
        More correct window group support (but... with ICCCM, correct is not possible...)
        "nil" tag is even less special (Important: remove last tagrule.)
        Allow comments (#.*\n) in rules files.
        Color scheme.
        Improved focus semantics.
        /client/*/ctl slay command.
        Find unresponsive clients on kill.
        Draw titlebars of floating clients differently.
        Hack to set window properties of programs:
                wihack command/libwmii_hack.so library.
        Added wmii.rc, on which rc.wmii now depends.
        Account for window groups. Better focus semantics. Check size against iounit on dir reads. Misc. changes.
        EWMH support
        Improvements to fullscreen mode
        Improvements in focus, especially in no-input windows
        Cleaner rc.wmii, with wmii.rc include
        Filter out gcc error/warning dups
        Added options for Darwin (thanks Alexis Hildebrandt).
        Use nl_langinfo(3) instead of the unportable "" to specify the default character set for iconv_open(3). Thanks to Alex Plotnick for the patch.

Kris Maglione
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