Re: [wmii] [ANN] New snap, major changes: wmii+ixp-20080120

From: Ruben Gonzalez Arnau <>
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2008 18:53:58 +0100 (CET)

> Odd as it may seem, it looks like xdnd.c (from which xdnd.o is compiled)
> is actually not in the snap tarball at all... If you grab the latest
> update from the repository and copy over xdnd.c from there, the
> compilation went without a hitch for me. Should be located in
> cmd/wmii/xdnd.c, and that's also where it should be copied in the new
> snapshot. Was this an oops?
>>Not a problem, I tried the new version and got
>>xdnd.o - no such file or directory
>> Thanks
>> Adk
Right, copying this file works for me too, also, new snap does not read my
$home/.wmii-3.5/rc.wmii.local any idea about that?

Thanks & welcome back Kris
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