Re: [wmii] Using the whole titlebar as drag handle.

From: Zolan Davis <>
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 14:54:31 +1300

Suraj N. Kurapati wrote:
> Zolan Davis wrote:
> > And regarding mod keys:
> > 6) The pointer facilitates loose, effectively
> > non-discrete placement, perfectly well without
> > simultaneous keyboard manipulation or other
> > diversions.
> > (This being the one thing pointers are good for.)
> Are you suggesting that:
> 1. dragging the title-bar with Mouse1 moves the client
> (change position when dragging inside the current
> column, or move to a different column when dragging
> inside a different column)
> 2. dragging the title-bar with Mouse2 resizes the
> client (using the same resizing logic available now
> with alt+mouse2)
> I would like to see this implemented as well! :-)

I am suggesting only that the Mouse1 behaviours now bound to the little
box be bound to the whole titlebar instead.
They are already good defaults for the different cases, including
vertical resizing within columns.

Actually, I rarely use the pointer except for moving floats and
(occasional) resizing.
But when the pointer is to hand I'll use it rather than move hands and
attention to keyboard, and I expect to be useful.

I had not considered (2).
Although interesting, controlling 4 edges (in two directions each) using
only the titlebar would involve specialised code and possibly a peculiar
control method. (Possibly Mouse2 to enter/exit resize mode would be
I don't think there will be much support for it.

I consider resizing to be a once (or less) operation per window, or at
least not routine.
Gimp image windows are about the only ones for which multiple resizes
are ever useful, and they have a keybinding to shink wrap.
Existing options to resize by dragging mod+Mouse2, or the 1px border
with Mouse1 is plenty efficient for my needs.

  Zolan Davis
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