[wmii] Using the whole titlebar as drag handle.

From: Zolan Davis <zolandavis_AT_fastmail.fm>
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 12:50:35 +1300

Here are some arguments for using the entire title bar.

1) There is no ambiguity about what behaviour is expected. No-Op is
already accomplished very nicely by not clicking.
2) There is already a practical convention among computer users.
Ignoring it must be demonstrably better.
3) Fitts' Law.
4) Title bars are already full-width.
5) The most convenient arrangement of _rectangular_ windows often
includes overlap, in which case corners are the most likely to be

And regarding mod keys:
6) The pointer facilitates loose, effectively non-discrete placement,
perfectly well without simultaneous keyboard manipulation or other
(This being the one thing pointers are good for.)

I suspect that the titlebar is already the kind of object that X can get
the right events from (I don't know), and it's a completely free choice
by the developer(s) what events to listen for and bind.

I've been giving benefit of doubt to this matter, but have yet to find
an argument for the current design.
So far, I have only thought of cynical/uncharitable ones that I will
keep to myself.

  Zolan Davis
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