Re: [wmii] Using the whole titlebar as drag handle.

From: Zolan Davis <>
Date: Sat, 02 Feb 2008 02:35:34 +1300

It is not obvious to me that acme's tag [bar] design can be adapted
beneficially to a mixed environment.
But then, I haven't physically used it, either.

My main thoughts are:
I don't want a graphical menu blocking a good use of the pointer with
one that I would rather bind to keys, or have on the Mouse2 menu.
What (windowed)client-specific commands (other than signals) might I
issue from outside the client interface?
(and I would prefer to use a keybinding to temporarily activate the
text/echo field to enter them if needed, same as dmenu)

No need to explain, though - I'll just wait for the guide to be written.
The main thing is that all the issues are being weighed.
The proof will be in the results.

  Zolan Davis
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