Re: [wmii] getting started (confused)

From: David Morris <>
Date: Sun, 2 Mar 2008 11:50:13 -0700

On Sun, Mar 02, 2008 at 12:48:37PM -0500, Kris Maglione wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 01, 2008 at 11:42:19AM -0700, David Morris wrote:
>> In my never-ending search for the perfect window manager I'm
>> currently experimenting with WMII. So far I like what I see
>> but I am confused on a few points and am having difficulty
>> determining how to accomplish some tasks (if they can be
>> done at all). I've been reading through mailing list
>> archives, but in some respects I lack enough understanding
>> of the system to understand what is being said.
>> Let me start off by noting that I really like the design
>> concept of WMII. Its a lot cleaner and easier to navigate
>> than other window managers I've used (including my standard
>> fvwm setup).
>> To put questions in perspective, here is my setup:
>> OS: Debian Lenny
>> WMII: latest snapshot from web
>> DMENU: latest snapshot from web
>> 9base: Debian Lenny default version
>> So, my questions:
>> 1. wmiirc and rc.wmii
>> This has me the most perplexed....why two configuration
>> files with overlapping functionality? Are they both used,
>> or only one? If only one, how is the correct config file
>> chosen.
> rc.wmii is used if it's possible, wmiirc otherwise. There are two,
> basically, because I'm insane and idealistic, which is not a good
> combination.

Heh, I can sympathize with that. The applications I create
suffer from the same problem at times.

>> 3. How can I change window size with keyboard shortcut keys?
>> For my use, this is a vital feature of the window manager I
>> use.
> At the moment, you can't.

Hmm, thats annoying. Any chance this feature will be
available at some point in the future?

>> 4. How can I set the layout for one full-width window at the
>> bottom of the screen and multiple columns above it (usually
>> two)?
> Again, at the moment, you can't, unless you somehow set
> EWMH struts on it.

Any pointers on where I would look to find out how to set
EWMH struts for a window? A search brought up the wmctrl
application, but didn't find any functionality that allowed
this behavior.

> I might make this feature more accessable.
>> 6. Is it possible to move the title bar to the left side of
>> windows and have stacking mode move left-right instead of
>> up-down?
> No. It makes things much more complicated than you'd think.

Oh well, I could hope.

Thanks for the tips.

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