Re: [wmii] Enviroment

From: Georg Göri <>
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2008 18:09:38 +0100

Kris Maglione schrieb:
> You'll have to be more specific. What happens to bash? What else has
> problems?
I think its a bash problem, I am using gentoo and I am having bugs
while emerge runs.
The error
"/usr/lib64/portage/bin/ Argument list too long
/usr/lib64/portage/bin/ line 1444: /bin/sed: Argument list too
/usr/lib64/portage/bin/ line 1791: /bin/bzip2: Argument list
too long
occurs and this error is described in gentoo bug #190128.

I doesn't have this problem when i run emerge without this strange wmii
enviroment on a normal console(tty).
> zsh, for some odd reason, unsets all of the fn# variables. If you
> *must* unset them, add something like this to wi_runcmd:
> fn `{env | 9 sed -n 's/^fn#([^=]+).*/\1/p'}
What is the wi_runcmd?? I don't found this on my system.
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