Re: [wmii] Fwd: compile error & bug

From: Sander van Dijk <>
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008 12:28:40 +0200

On Thu, Apr 17, 2008 at 11:40 AM, arnuld <> wrote:
> > Gr. Sander wrote:
> > That's not a wmii bug, it's a problem in your configuration. Quite
> > likely "bash -l" will give you the prompt you want. See bash(1),
> > INVOCATION for more info.
> NO, thats not the my problem. I have already setup

Yes, it is. I didn't mean to say that you should start your shell as a
login shell, I meant to say that you have configured things so that
the prompt is only set correctly for login shells. The snapshot
doesn't start your shell as a login shell: it demands POSIXLY_CORRECT
behaviour. From bash(1):

"When bash is started in posix mode, as with the --posix command line
option, it follows the POSIX standard for startup files. In this mode,
interactive shells expand the ENV variable and commands are read and
executed from the file whose name is the expanded value. No other
startup files are read."

So then when you start a terminal, it only reads the file that is in
ENV (probably ~/.bashrc), which apparently doesn't set your wanted

Since you're already logged in when starting your terminal (xterm,
rxvt, etc), the shell in that terminal is not really a login shell, so
this seems correct behaviour.

> YOu did overlook the 2nd problem I mentioned. 50% of the times "Mod-p
> program" fails to launch the program. What about it ?

I suggest you pipe stdout and stderr to a file, that'll probably tell
you something useful.

Gr. Sander.
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