[wmii] mlterm startup funkyness

From: Keith Bawden <keith_AT_bawdo.com>
Date: Sun, 25 May 2008 15:50:29 +0900

Hello All,

I just upgraded from wmii+ixp-20070329 to wmii+ixp-20080520 and now
have the following issue.

My default term is mlterm. When starting mlterm it starts off as a
floating window with no title bar. If I "unfloat" the term it behaves
normally and a title bar appears. If I then relfloat it agian the
title bar disappears. I have not seen this with any other applications

Screenshot: http://www.bawdo.com/files/noTitleBar.png

The only changes to my rc.wmii.local is the colour scheme, MODKEY=Mod4
and WMII_TERM=(mlterm)

Any ideas?

Regards, Keith
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