[wmii] Issues with current tip.

From: Thomas Gallen <kaori.hinata_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 31 May 2008 17:29:08 -0400

Hmm, try number 4 at writing this entry to the mailing list, the last
3 times wmii crashed when dealing with spawning Gimp with images, I'll
include a backtrace of that as well. First off, one of the new
problems I encountered with the current tip.

When selecting a window (for movement) using either MOD1+LClick or by
using the grab square on the title bar, two things happen:

1. All windows on the screen excluding the windows on the bottom of
the column shrink in height by a few pixels. Empty space is also
created below each of the windows (not above, all top of column
windows are still flush).

2. All bottom of column windows on the screen seem to maintain their
height, however still gain a bit of empty space below them.

When I release the mouse button, all windows return to their previous
height. The window I select doesn't seem to matter.


When selected:

Second is a problem I'm having with URxvt and the current tip. When
selecting any window in a column (using mouse over) which contains
URxvt terminals, every URxvt terminal in the column seem to redraw
causing the URxvt terminals to flash. If you place any other
application over top of that terminal (in float mode), then select a
window in that column with mouse over, the area in which the terminal
occupies seems to be redrawn, redrawing the section of the application
you placed over it.

Third is another problem with URxvt. When resizing or moving a window,
or spawning/moving a window to the float layer, every URxvt window on
the screen flashes. Characteristics are the same as the previous
problem where all applications overlapping those terminals have
portions of their window redrawn.

Fourth and final is the crash, I can reproduce it every time with the
following conditions:
1. I have a dual screen setup.
2. I have 4 columns, they contain:

A. (far right) 3 URxvt terminals.
B. (right) 3 URxvt terminals.
C. (left) 2 URxvt terminals, one running mutt.
D. (far left) 1 URxvt terminal and one instance of Firefox (
not 3 beta).

3. Satisfying conditions 1 and 2, I try to run "gimp *png" on a
directory of 2 or more PNGs. I haven't added GIMP to my configuration
yet so it tries to open all windows in a column.

Given the above, it crashes for me after trying to spawn (I believe it
is) the main GIMP tool window and doesn't get farther than that.

The backtrace:

If it's something in my environment causing the crash or any of the
other problems I'll provide what I can.

Thanks in advance,
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