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From: Andre Kuehne <>
Date: Sun, 08 Jun 2008 13:08:06 +0200

sawyer x wrote:
> Hey
> First of all, I gotta say I'm really enjoying wmii.
> I've been using KDE, GNOME, Fluxbox and occasionally Ion3.
> A while ago I had some trouble with my GNU/Linux upgrade and GNOME
> became unusable so I decided to try wmii again. After a day or two , the
> updates kicked into the repository and I fixed GNOME but when I got back
> to it, it was just too frustrating so I comfortably moved back to wmii.
> After getting an additional screen at work, it was too easy to configure
> another column and resize it to each screen so now everything is going
> great.
> Anywho, I have a few questions about wmii:
> - Can I edit something or script anything to get the screen to divide
> equally at half instead of 60/40 ratio every time I open a new
> application and move it to another column?
> - Whenever there's something on zero layer (the "floating" layer), it
> obstructs everything in the background and becomes "always on". Very
> difficult to handle. Any advice?
> - Perhaps relating to the previous comment, sometimes I run windows but
> I want them minimized. Any plans for this?
> - I know that showcasing other window managers is not a good practice
> ("why can't you do what they did?!" kind of stupid behavior) .. BUT.. in
> Ion3 there's a nice idea of a scratchpad. You press a various META+key
> and it opens a floating workspace in which you can put a media player or
> something like that, that you want to access instantly from everywhere
> and then never see it until you need it. It was very useful.

i remember this scratchpad thing, even so i did not use ion for long
reading your mail inspired me to get this going in wmii (see attachment).

SCRATCHPAD_TAG is the name of the dedicated scratchpad tag.
i have three keybinding to use the scratchpad:

Key $MODKEY-space
        scratchpad toggle
Key $MODKEY-Shift-space
        retag "$SCRATCHPAD_TAG"
Key $MODKEY-Mod1-space
        wmiir xwrite /ctl view "$SCRATCHPAD_TAG"

an additional line in the FocusTag Event takes care of updating
the pad after switching to another tag:

Event FocusTag
        [[ $SCRATCHPAD_ON -eq 0 ]] && scratchpad
        wmiir xwrite "/lbar/$@" "$WMII_FOCUSCOLORS" "$@"

> - Any way to toggle between the existing workspaces without META+tag?
> like a "next" or "previous" thing? like META + "<" or META + ">" or
> whatever.

i use the attached switch_view function thus:

Key $MODKEY-Page_Up
        switch_view previous
Key $MODKEY-Page_Down
        switch_view next

> Now, I just want to say, I'm not being disrespectful in anything. Just
> wondering about possibilities. I currently moved my computer at work to
> wmii completely and it's the most enjoyable and productive experience
> I've had yet with *nix. So, if anything, this letter should mainly be a
> "thank you" email, and then a few questions :)
> Thanks,
> and have a great day.
> S.

have fun, and thank you for your inspiration :-)

# -*- mode: Shell-script -*-

switch_view() {
    local tag_list=`wmiir ls /lbar`
    local current_tag=`wmiir read /tag/sel/ctl | head -n1`
    local previous=""
    local tag
    for tag in $tag_list
        if [[ $1 == "previous" && "$tag" == "$current_tag" && -n "$previous" ]]
            wmiir xwrite /ctl view "$previous"
        elif [[ $1 == "next" && "$previous" == "$current_tag" && -n "$tag" ]]
            wmiir xwrite /ctl view "$tag"

scratchpad() {
    [[ "$1" == "toggle" ]] && SCRATCHPAD_ON=$(( ! $SCRATCHPAD_ON ))

    for client in $(wmiir read "/tag/$SCRATCHPAD_TAG/index" | cut -d ' ' -f2 | grep ^0x)
        if [[ $SCRATCHPAD_ON -eq 0 ]]
            wmiir xwrite "/client/$client/tags" "$(wmiir read /tag/sel/ctl | head -n1)+$SCRATCHPAD_TAG"
            wmiir xwrite "/client/$client/tags" "$SCRATCHPAD_TAG"
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