Re: [wmii] wmiir "cannot write file" error

From: Pontus Andersson <>
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2008 20:03:37 +0200

Caleb Eggensperger wrote:
> Eager to try out the irssi notifier script that was recently posted, I
> noticed the "Urgent" /ctl/ command which I haven't seen before. I
> decided to try it out to see what exactly it does. However, when I try
> to use it on any of my windows I get:
> caleb_AT_pintsize:~$ wmiir xwrite /client/0x140000a/ctl Urgent
> wmiir: fatal: cannot write file '/client/0x140000a/ctl': bad usage

I think it have been changed a bit, try: "Urgent on" and "off" respectively.

> I'm using wmii-3.6, just downloaded it a couple of days ago from
> Ubuntu's repos. I've tried NotUrgent, Fullscreen and NotFullscreen
> with the same results (kill works).

Same here. "Fullscreen on/off/toggle"

> I see on the man page that I
> _should_ be able to do this. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.

I'm not even sure the man pages says anything about the urgency stuff
(except for the events).

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