Re: [wmii] UTF-8 text issue in wmii-3.6

From: Tobias Brandt <>
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2008 03:02:57 +0200

Thomas Gallen schrieb:
> Yeah...this is unfortunately still around... As a fellow user of foreign
> languages with WMII, I'm going to guess the problem you're refering to
> is this:
> I've been messing with fonts for a while hoping that maybe it was me
> that caused this, but I guess I should have read back even further into
> the mailing list archives as I missed your posts.
> Thomas

Yes, that's the problem. The strange thing is, that the version I used
before (3.5.1) displayed japanese just fine. Also, the same font I use
in the status bar works perfectly in a terminal. So it's definitely not
a font issue. Some changes between 3.5.1 and the snapshot I use now must
have caused this, but I do not know enough about coding to find it myself.

Tobias Brandt
Received on Sun Jul 27 2008 - 01:02:57 UTC

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