[wmii] Tagging rules?

From: Michael Schreifels <technel_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 22:41:01 -0500


I have been using wmii for quite some time now, and I absolutely love
it. Today I began attempting to configure it with pywmii (a project
that looks to be abandoned--or at least updated anymore). I have seen
this come up in pywmii, python-wmii, and also when I have tried other
tiling window manager, and I don't really understand the concept...

What *are* tagging rules?

The FAQ doesn't discuss it, the man pages don't touch on it, Google
finds little but references to it config files...what are they used

For example, in pywmii, the default wmiirc has this:

# Tagging Rules
wmii.tagrules = [
    ("/SNAC/", "~"),
    ("/XMMS.*/", "~"),
    ("/MPlayer.*/", "~"),
    ("/.*Untitled.*/", "~"),
    #("/PyLaunch/", "~"),
    #("/.*gedit.*/", "~"),
    #(".*PyLaunch.*", "~"),
    ("/Send & Receive.*/", "~"),
    ("/.*Mozilla Firefox.*/", "web"),
    ("/.*Minefield.*/", "web"),
    ("/.*Evolution/", "mail"),
    ("/XChat.*/", "chat"),
    ("/mycalc\\.py/", "~"),
    ("/KTorrent/", "torrent"),
    ("/Pan:.*/", "news"),
    ("/.*/", "!"),
    ("/.*/", "0"),

I have seen screenshots where people will have tags like "web", but I
don't really get what they are for. Do you access them with MOD-# like
other tags? Are the programs automatically launched for that tag? Or
are they just auto put there after launch?

I'd appreciate an explanation. Thanks!
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