Re: [wmii] libixp/fs.c: wstat?

From: Michael Stapelberg <>
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2009 03:50:09 +0100

Hi Kris,

* [30.01.09 03:46]:
> You're right, libixp should certainly not try to call methods that aren't
> implemented. But, you haven't attached a patch.
I'm sorry, it's getting late ;-). Find the patch attached now.

>> 3) When writing "Fullscreen toggle" to /client/sel/ctl, something (probably
>> 9pfs) produces a hard-lockup (sound freezes, X11 freezes, nothing possible
>> no more, just reboot). This may be related to 2). I'm not sure how to
>> further debug this.
> I don't know how wmii could cause this. It could certainly freeze X11,
> and so probably any badly written audio player (e.g., xmms), but
I'm using cmus, which does not seem to be written so badly ;-).

> certainly not lock up your computer. Can you ssh in? Are you using 9pfs?
> That *could* certainly lock up your computer, but it shouldn't.
SSHing in is not possible. Yes, I'm using 9pfs. I think it could be wstat not
being implemented or something like this causing an endless loop in 9pfs or similar?

Best regards,

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