[wmii] wmii-hg - Make left column always wide?

From: Nathan Neff <nathan.neff_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2009 11:26:00 -0600

Is there a way to keep the left column as the widest column?

For example, sometimes, I have two apps open: "One" and "Two"

[ One ][Two]

and I want to quickly move "Two" to the wide column,
and move app "One" to the narrow column. Like this

[ Two ][One]

With wmii-3.6 I could press Mod+Shift+J twice from app "Two",
and I would get the desired layout:

[ Two ][One]

With wmii-hg, the application in the narrow column *does* move to the left
of the wide column, but it remains narrow, like this:

[Two][ One ]

I's there a "Resize" command that I can issue to resize the columns?
I realize that I
could move app Two left, and then move app One to the right, but if I
have two apps or three apps,
then this becomes tedious.

Thanks for any help,

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