Re: [wmii] Looking for examples for libixp

From: sqweek <>
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 12:46:46 +0800

2009/4/21 Alexey Khudyakov <>:
>> Ok. Well, for libixp, the cannonical server example is wmii's fs.c, but it's
>> not simple. Your best bet is probably,

 I also started on a 9p with libixp tutorial, which you can find at
 Haven't touched it for ages, by the time I got to introducing the
message types I felt like I was just repeating the section 5 man pages
linked above. I'd be interested to know whether you find the
introduction useful though.
 At some point I want to go through m9u and see if I can't simplify
things a bit more and add some handy comments. Oh, and fix the bugs of
course ;)
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