Re: [wmii] Alt+Enter doesn't work with wmii-3.5/Ubuntu 9.04

From: XU, Jiangyan <>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2009 17:01:26 -0400

Yes I was fooled by the config folder name ~/.wmii-3.5

wmii -v actually shows version 3.6.

So should I put new configs in another folder?


XU, Jiangyan

On Wed, Apr 29, 2009 at 4:52 PM, Alex Kilgore <> wrote:

> Strange..does wmii give you any interesting output on your terminal when
> you try to do alt+enter..
> If possible, though, you should definitely try either the snapshot, or even
> better, the wmii from the mercurial repository though, because it was my
> understanding that anything 3.6 and before was very old though you may
> actually have a different version (to check, dont look at that config
> directory, use wmii -v)
> Also, replace all of the config files with fresh ones, to make sure that
> isn't the problem, if you did choose to use the mercurial repo, bear in mind
> that the config directories changed at one point from wmii-3.5 to wmii-hg
> Alex K.
> XU, Jiangyan wrote:
>> Hello all:
>> After upgrading to Ubuntu 9.04, wmii stops working. Every time I log in
>> and press Alt(Mod1)+Enter, nothing happens. Then I found out a workaround
>> which was to first invoke an application such as gedit using Alt+P and then
>> Alt+Enter started to work. The terminal I use is gnome-terminal but I didn't
>> configure it myself.
>> I also noticed that kde applications such as kate didn't help so I guess
>> this has something to do with gnome. Any ideas what was wrong?
>> Thanks
>> Best,
>> Jiangyan
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