Re: [wmii] Alt+Enter doesn't work with wmii-3.5/Ubuntu 9.04

From: Alex Kilgore <>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2009 16:52:33 -0400

Strange..does wmii give you any interesting output on your terminal when
you try to do alt+enter..
If possible, though, you should definitely try either the snapshot, or
even better, the wmii from the mercurial repository though, because it
was my understanding that anything 3.6 and before was very old though
you may actually have a different version (to check, dont look at that
config directory, use wmii -v)
Also, replace all of the config files with fresh ones, to make sure that
isn't the problem, if you did choose to use the mercurial repo, bear in
mind that the config directories changed at one point from wmii-3.5 to

Alex K.

XU, Jiangyan wrote:
> Hello all:
> After upgrading to Ubuntu 9.04, wmii stops working. Every time I log in
> and press Alt(Mod1)+Enter, nothing happens. Then I found out a
> workaround which was to first invoke an application such as gedit using
> Alt+P and then Alt+Enter started to work. The terminal I use is
> gnome-terminal but I didn't configure it myself.
> I also noticed that kde applications such as kate didn't help so I guess
> this has something to do with gnome. Any ideas what was wrong?
> Thanks
> Best,
> Jiangyan
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