[wmii] Re: customize wmii via ~/.wmii-hg/wmiirc

From: Alexander Clouter <alex_AT_digriz.org.uk>
Date: Sun, 3 May 2009 13:18:38 +0100

Stefan Pampel <spamtest-eir1beucei_AT_asp4.polyformal.de> wrote:
> I am using wmii-hg, build on Debian Lenny. I use it an two machines.
> On one machine I use ~/.wmii-hg/wmiirc to customize f.e. the status bar
> and the applications should start within my wmii session.
> This seems not possible on the other machine, the only way to customize
> wmii is actually to mdify /etc/X11/wmii-hg/wmiirc. I tried anything I
> found in the doc or google: wmiirc.local ~/.wmii-3.5 etc.
> Any hint how i can find the issue?
Sounds like /home is mounts 'noexec'? It caught me out too.


Alexander Clouter
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