[wmii] How to make a new tab and start application inside ?

From: <jpec_AT_julienpecqueur.com>
Date: Sun, 3 May 2009 15:57:50 +0200

Hi everybody !

I'm trying to make shortcut to simply the utilisation of wmii.

I arrange my opened programs in tabs [irc,mail,web,work].

For example, when i press MODKEY + Shift + f I want to open a new tab called web and open firefox inside.

So i'll add the following lines in my rc.wmii.local file :

fn Action-overridekeys {
        fn Key-$MODKEY-Shift-f { wmiir xwrite /ctl view web ; firefox }

But when i press MODKEY + Shift + f, it open firefox in the current tab
and when i close firefox, it create the web tab empty.

I'd tried with wmiir xwrite /ctl view web && firefox >> same problem!

What's wrong ?

Julien Pecqueur (JPEC)
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