Re: [wmii] Gentoo

From: KIMURA Masaru <>
Date: Wed, 6 May 2009 11:19:12 +0900


2009/5/6 Robert C Corsaro <>:
> Sounds good.  I'll probably change a few things while I'm at it.  Any reason
> you use $package-hg instead of $package-9999?  I'm just wondering as I've
> always used 9999 to indicate tip in my ebuilds.

There is no technical reason why I use $package-hg instead of
$package. I'd just label what scm tool is used by the upstream.

The reason why I don't use 9999 as ebuild version number is to note hg
revision when I updated for myself.
And IIRC, the file, DISTRIBUTORS said something like "package should
tag hg revision as packaged wmii's version number."

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