Re: [dev] wmii: dash, bash and tests in wmiirc

From: Suraj Kurapati <>
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2010 15:21:43 -0700

On Mon, Jul 19, 2010 at 11:46 AM, LuX <> wrote:
> I wanted to add to wmii some basic ability to deal with USB pens:
> - mount and open them automatically when plugged in;

I use ConsoleKit (by way of the Thunar file manager) for this, but I
don't know how it works internally. I would imagine that there is a
ck-* executable which emits USB device discovery/(un)mounting events
to STDOUT and you can read and react to that output accordingly.

Here's the relevant snippet from my .xinitrc:

  # the ck-launch-session is for proper automounting of USB drives
  # see
  ck-launch-session wmii

> - show them as buttons in the right bar, with focus or normal colors
>  depending on whether their file system is mounted or unmounted;
> - unmount/remount them by simple clicks on their buttons.

If you can tap into the ConsoleKit event stream, these seem possible to do.

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