[dev] [wmii] Between tiling and floating

From: LuX <lux.onthenet_AT_free.fr>
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2010 12:17:47 +0200


After using wmii on screens with three different sizes, I have
realised that there is a feature that I'm missing on medium sized
screens (around 17", say).

Very small screens require max mode anyway, and on very large screens
the clients are usually large enough. But on a medium sized screen,
when I have two clients opened (say on a LaTeX file and on the
corresponding PDF file) in one column each, the columns are not large
enough, and in the same column the clients are too large and not high

Of course I could toggle between the two clients in stack mode. This
is not so bad, but viewing only the bars (sometimes above and
sometimes below the focused one) is not so comfortable in my opinion.

Thus I am wondering if it would be possible:

1) to increase dynamically the width of the focused column of a given
percentage, say;

2) or otherwise to make the focused column overlap the others of a
given percentage while the others columns keep the same width.

Probably the second solution is more difficult, if not impossible,
since it is not pure tiling. But in my opinion, on the screen I'm
working right now, it would be much more comfortable since it keeps
unchanged all the clients in unfocused columns.

- Keeps the advantages of tiling modes: no action is needed to resize
  the focused client, neither to reduce it when it looses the focus.
- Adds some advantages of floating mode:
  -- The focused client has more space.
  -- All the other clients remain partly visible, hence can be seen
     in a glance, contrary to stack or max mode .

- Useless for large and small screens.

What is your opinion on this?

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