Re: [dev] [st] 0.1 Feedback - Was: A few small patches

From: Rob <>
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2011 15:53:56 +0100

On 11 April 2011 14:34, Bryan Bennett <> wrote:
> Your new version of the patch seems to work *MUCH* better. In the couple
> tests I've run, the random line noise I was getting before is much improved.
> There's still some issues with curses / ncurses / slang applications (I've
> yet to identify which specifically), which leave some noise at the end of
> the lines, but - like I said - the amount isn't as bad. This patch could
> feasibly be useful.
> With regards to my ideas being too specific: The way I'm looking at doing
> this is to create a regular expression that matches the text present in the
> current buffer and then presents an indexed list of what you want to copy.
> If you want to have this work for an entire line, "[.]?[\n]$" (or similar -
> my regex-fu is weak). You could also match a url, a name, a phone number.
> With proper planning, you could assign keys to different patterns and yank
> them all via separate keypresses. I'm planning on being flexible enough to
> get any data that one could feasibly want to yank, but specific enough that
> you get only what you want. I just need to find the time to implement it.
> Also - let me know how this email goes through. Gmail seems to be pretty
> stupid when it comes to email handling - specifically line width. I think
> this will come through as plain-text, wrapped @ 80 characters, but it's
> allowing me to input it at a flowed width, in a non-monospaced font, and is
> offering for me to 'switch to plain text'...

Thanks for the feedback, I guess I'll leave it as it is for now then.
I've been really busy recently too, but do let me know how your regex
thing goes, I'd be interested. Might even have a go at doing a version
myself, when exams are over.

The email came through unwwrapped, I usually use plain text mode and
edit the email externally - I use vimperator, which is a Firefox plugin,
and it allows you to edit text fields with a external editor.

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