Re: [dev] Why dwm or wmii over xmonad, etc., or not?

From: Suraj Kurapati <>
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2011 21:17:15 -0700

On Thu, Apr 21, 2011 at 4:59 PM, dtk <> wrote:
> \o/ you fixed it!! :D actually I only built master just yet, so
> haven't thrown neither your current config nor my mods at it yet,
> but so far wireshark runs just nicely :) *yaaay!!* :D

Correction: Kris fixed it. :) It was a bug inside wmii, after all.

> thanks for the tip! wouldn't have thought that the stable release
> was that old (especially since it's advertised on

Yes that is unfortunate, it is high time for a new stable release.
I always use wmii-hg, so I'm not bothered by wmii's release cycle.

> haven't seen much yet, but master (is it called like that in
> mercurial?) looks really nice!

Mercurial calls the master branch as "tip".

> you got a systray thingy and a history in the menu. sweet!

Yes, status bar applets are really easy now.

> thanks again for your patient support! thanks alot dtk

My pleasure. I can port your config to git master if you want. :)
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