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From: Anthony Campbell <>
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2012 09:08:37 +0000

On 23 Jan 2012, Nikolay G. Petrov wrote:
> Hi!
> I already tired...I work in dwm on freebsd, but now I need from linux,
> and cannot install from source dwm. My Os is Ubuntu x64 latest, I
> unpack and 'make clean install', and nothing.
> My question, if you have or know a resource that have instruction to
> install dwm on ubuntu I would be glad.
> This is not working to me:
> sudo apt-get build-dep dwm
> apt-get source dwm
> sudo apt-get -b source dwm
> sudo dpkg -i dwm*.deb
> --
> Thanks in advance for 'dwm' (very usefull), and not thanks for absent
> instruction isntall to some famous OS ) .

I use Debian Sid, which is similar though not identical to Ubuntu. I
haven't tried to make a .deb file, which seems like an unnecessary
complication. I simply got the tarball from, unpacked it in
my bome directory, and did "sudo make install" which went off without
problems. The executable is installed in /usr/local/bin by default.

There is a precompiled dwm.deb package available for Debian, but of
course that doesn't let you configure anything, so it's really only
useful if you just want to see how dwm works.

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