Re: [dev] smessage

From: Christoph Lohmann <>
Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2012 17:54:04 +0100


Fernando C.V. wrote:
> I've been wanting for a long time some simple tool to replace the
> libnotify popups. Using xsetroot is just not enough for me to notice
> the warnings (and I do need to be warned when my battery is running
> out or the temperature is too high). Both xmessage and smessage use a
> window that steals the focus as soon as it appears, so it's not very
> nice.
> I didn't play too much with X11 API.. would it be even possible to
> modify smessage.c to draw directly on the display without using a
> window? if so.. any help on how would I do this?

X11 is complex enough to not have to hack such things up.

Smessage would need to set the WMHints input flag to False and en-
force its size hints. Doing so will tell dwm to not focus the win-
dow and keeping the window out of the tiling management.

Next you would need something that keeps up on the currently dis-
played windows and/or the content of the status window, but that
would make smessage a whole framework and gnomesque.

Attached is a tarball of how far I am for modifying smessage to
be like that. It is far from being finished. I stopped when cal-
culating the window size. At the moment smessage is only designed
to fit what is given to it, which is wrong, when you want to en-
force your window size. When this function is added, then the
popup state can easily be used to enforce what you want.

Additional that tarball includes a suckless make framework, a
config.h configuration and a rudimentary manpage. The features are
not finished yet, so there is not much to write about.

I'm sorry about this half-finished rubbish, but life is taking too
much time. I'm sorry.



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