[dev] [DWM]Strange new window behavior

From: Hugues Moretto-Viry <hugues.moretto_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2012 23:31:00 +0200

Dear devs,

I'm using DWM since a long time and some months ago I decided to switch to
6.0 (used around 9 months 5.9).
I noticed something is missing in dwm-5.9. Don't know if it's a bug, that's
why I send you this mail.
When I open a new window as rxvt-unicode for example on a tag which already
include a window or more, I can see the left window blinking after it
spawns (I see the background very quickly).
It's weird so I couldn't describe it exactly, but it's like the window is
not resized instantly.
I got this thing on my Archlinux (dwm with some patches) but I tried with
vanilla dwm on Archlinux and on another computer with Fedora.
I recorded a video and I hope it will help you:

I would really appreciate to have an answer because I asked on Archlinux
forums, but I didn't get any informations.

Best Regards

Envoyé d'Archlinux
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