Re: [dev] I messed up...used glib, dbus, and friends. Need help to fix this mistake

From: Amit Uttamchandani <>
Date: Wed, 16 May 2012 09:23:20 -0700

The system is an embedded system. However, it is quite powerful in the
sense it has a dual core CPU and ample RAM. It is running just a
standard linux desktop distro right now during the prototype stage.

The applications on top have no requirement to be portable. Since there
was enough resources, I thought using these libraries is good enough and
I don't have to worry about reinventing the wheel.

> > 1. Mounting USB disks, partitions, and samba shares.
> > - Suckless alternative: libc, libmount?
> Why not just use mount(1) and mount(2)?

GIO/gvfs had interfaces to do mounts asynchronously and call a callback
function when it was done.

> > 3. Spawn tasks asynchronously and return the stderr and stdout
> > output.
> > - Suckless alternative: libspawn
> popen(3), or just fork/dup2/exec.

Is there a way to do these asynchronously?

> > 4. Dictionary data type to store key value pairs.
> > - Suckless alternative: hash table with libc?
> tsearch and friends from search.h

Will take a look at those.

> > 5. String utility
> > - Suckless alternative: libporty
> What do you want to do? There's string.h..
> If you want regexes there are several libraries for that

I used a lot of the join and cat functions from the glib library. Not
currently using any regexes.

Thanks for the responses,
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