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From: Carlos Torres <>
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2013 23:27:33 -0400

On Sat, Mar 30, 2013 at 10:53 PM, Calvin Morrison
<> wrote:
> Should I have a seperate declaration and then intialization later or
> just combine the statements:
> int line = atoi(argv[2]);
> or
> int line;
> line = atoi(argv[2]);
that is a style question, most people like to read the function
signature and the variables they're going to read more about at the
beginning. others are used to complexity and are puzzled by this
waste of space. I have a short attention span and the amount of RAM i
have prohibits me from remembering many variables that are randomly
named. i like intros, plots and conclusions, school taught me that.

like when you first meet someone and you say "hello, I'm so&so",
"hello, i'm this&that", "i am x" "oh interesting, I'm y".. "i do
this with x", "sweet i've always wanted to do that, i do the other
with Y". "ok, nice to meet you", "ok, bye"...
thats a nice read...then there is.

"welcome to Foo", this is x, it does bar, and Y does foo, plus they
go to the bar with _x_ and the other _y_, because they're all
_letter_; and _x_ is really _r_ but i've just << shifted _r_ and its
_y_ (maybe bye) so in terms of _x_, well _x_ is temporarilly _y_ and
that is nice cause its all 42 and voila your answer b0rk.
thats not a nice read.

but there are exceptions to everything and if you can't sit by a cozy
fire with your code in hand enjoying its simplicity and clarity then
it needs more work.
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