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From: Alex Pilon <>
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2013 20:13:11 -0400

On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 02:26:08PM +0200, Martin Kopta wrote:
> I will be giving a talk about suckless project on 6th October [1] for
> small audience (from 10 to 100 people).

Did the same this month for OCLUG. Didn't turn out very well.
Ironically, a certain wmii hacker did a better job for his part of the

> Talk description is (translated):
> "Introduction to ideology of software that smells less and presentation of
> results of the suckless project. Demostration of dwm window manager,

Don't just demonstrate. Try to prove that a dynamic window manager is
overwhelmingly superior to the current inefficient paradigms. Don't
forget to mention low dependency count, and quick compilation times.

> terminal emulator st,

Any theme in particular? *Straightforward* hackability? Comparison to
xterm or whatever is shipped by default in favourite distro X?

> statically linked distribution stali,

The first challenge I usually get is along the lines of “and then you
have to rebuild every single package that makes use of library X because
it has a security vulnerability”. I've gotten that one very often.
Expect it.

> minimalist web browser surf

Make a point about practical usage.

> Is there something I absolutely shouldn't forget to mention?

Sound your audience. Talk to them before the talk. If there's an
embedded guy/gal in there who doesn't have time for dealing with GNUshit
(ever feel like waiting two hours for GCC, Glibc, etc.) for his/her
fifteenth different ARM device (or Geode, which you can't use a VM too
build packages `-march=native` for, if you intend to run the test
suite), see what particularly interests him/her.

Is it worth advertising lesser-known suckless but not Suckless software?


Alex Pilon

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