[dev] Screencasts?

From: Caleb Malchik <cmalchik_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 09 Mar 2014 15:54:11 -0400


As a novice Linux user, I've been thinking it would be useful to see
some screencasts of experienced suckless users doing everyday things
like sending email, navigating directories, checking the calendar,
programming, looking up a word in the dictionary, etc.

I switched to Linux/cli/dwm from OS X just a few years ago, and since
the switch I feel the way I do certain basic things is embarrassingly
inefficient. For example, if I find an article on the web I want to come
back to, I will copy the URL from the address bar, open a terminal
window with ctl-shift-enter, type 'vi doc/toread', then paste the URL
at the top of the file. Yes it's still faster than what I would have
done on OS X, but it feels clunky.

I know enough to come up with my own fixes for a lot of these
inefficiencies, but I wouldn't be confident that such fixes are
sensible, and that there isn't a simpler and functionally better
solution. And the amount of documentation I would have to read to be
confident that my own solutions are sensible seems overwhelming.

If screencasts aren't worth the trouble I'd appreciate some guidance on
figuring out how to be an efficient Linux user without relying on GNOME
3 bullshit.

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