Re: [dev] Screencasts?

From: Swiatoslaw Gal <>
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2014 21:21:43 +0100

> For example, if I find an article on the
> web I want to come back to, I will copy the URL from the address
> bar,

It depends on the browser you are using and how it communicates with you. I
installed iceweasel to do the test and xprop gives me half a dozen of text
icons bu no… url I am reading. Then I thought that there must have been a
reason why I stopped using mainstream browsers. Programs without text output
(no matter how fancy pictures they render) suck.

Of coarse, if your browser has an address bar, you still can use key bindings
program of your liking to cat your clipboard to doc/toread.

S. R. Gal
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