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Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2014 14:36:10 +0200

Hej Guys,

Some 5-7 years ago, we coded a lightweight vector graphic soft that
was based on Xlib. It used some key bindings of Adobe Illustrator, but
it was really too basic for anything.

We are coding a new one which is based on SDL, but project dvlpt is really slow.

Whatsoever I can use those 2 tools with the soft Clitex for book
making, which is based on the modern Harvard's IeX format (probably
the new successor for TeX).
And ... magic, beautiful book's opening. ;)

This heavy coding to make a SDL vector graphics is really heavy, and
more students might be needed to complete the job.
If one opensource will be released, I will let you know guys.

But still I think that SDL is the way to go since it can be ported to
various platforms easily.

- SDK?? I would never go in this direction.

I would avoid Tikz as well.


2014-06-23 13:50 GMT+02:00 <>:
> * Džen 2014-06-23 13:09
>> As a back-end and syntax.
>> TikZ actually is quite simple.
> The syntax is simple for simple things, true.
> But then you need to through it to pgf and tex and whether they as
> dependences make much sense…
>> A lot of people find it difficult to use, but practice makes perfect.
> I have used it several times for different purposes but not so often.
> Every time I get back to it, I find myself “relearning” things I had
> already knew last time. I don't always have time for practice a lot --
> for these cases I feel a graphical front is useful.
>> To me it seems to be the most sophisticated front-end around for
>> drawing vector graphics.
> Well, the front end is your text editor. (See downsides of this below.)
>> I guess it's a matter of taste, but I prefer to write some TikZ code
>> instead of using a fancy graphical front-end to manipulate (XML-based)
>> vector graphics.
> Me too, for some cases: it particularly pays off for well defined basic
> figures when you know their relative positions in beforehand and you
> don't need the visual feedback for; and for repeating modular drawings
> as well. However, for free form curves and prototyping, it becomes an
> ugly endless mess of adjust-compile-view cycles.
> cheers
> --s_
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