Re: [dev] [dvtm][PATCH] Makefile and terminfo

From: Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe <>
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2014 11:31:05 -0400

Quoth Claudio on Tue, Sep 16 2014 10:03 +0200:
> I've just installed dvtm on Ubuntu Server and it looks like
> the terminfo entry gets installed into the wrong place
> (/usr/share/terminfo/, while the system looks for it in
> /etc/terminfo/). So I just removed the -o flag from _AT_tic which
> allow the system to place the files to the right directory. Indeed,
> now things works properly.
> - _AT_tic -o ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}/share/terminfo -s
> + _AT_tic -s

I think the original is correct. Makefile lines that ignore DESTDIR
are truly obnoxious for package building; in this case, the package
would be missing the terminfo file, which would be installed
system-wide each time the package is *rebuilt*.

In your situation, I would use -o /etc/terminfo as a local hack.

I do think it would be nice if this line were in, as
it seems to be system-specific.

Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe
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