[dev] a few questions

From: Greg Minshall <minshall_AT_acm.org>
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2017 09:58:49 -0700

hi, all. thanks again for dwm, surf, both of which i use a lot.

i had a few newbie questions.

1. when people make changes to their, e.g., config.def.h, how do they
deal with that w.r.t. git (branches, etc.)? i'd like to be able to use
git to track, but integrate my changes (without the danger of
accidentally trying to push my changes back to the repository). (as a
former sccs/rcs user, i'm still a bit git-naive, especially
w.r.t. branches.)

2. why do at least the dwm and surf makefiles *not* list config.def.h
as a dependency for config.h (so that a change in the former causes the
latter to be re-built)? as it seems to me the obvious thing to do, and
yet hasn't been done, i'm guessing there's some philosophy there.

3. i recently lost my ability to run X on my laptop, so lived with tmux
(which i heard about here, and very much like -- thanks!). this
experience emphasized that often i'd rather have a two-key (say)
sequence, ^B-j, rather than the "chord" Alt-j, to effect an action. of
course, this functionality requires keymaps, etc. is there any thought
of doing this for dwm? or, is there some external program that would
somehow handle this for you?

cheers, Greg
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