Re: [dev] a few questions

From: Inokentiy Babushkin <>
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2017 21:12:11 +0200


I am no developer of any of the suckless projects, but I guess I can
outline how people I know, including myself, handle the configuration

> 1. when people make changes to their, e.g., config.def.h, how do they
> deal with that w.r.t. git (branches, etc.)? i'd like to be able to use
> git to track, but integrate my changes (without the danger of
> accidentally trying to push my changes back to the repository). (as a
> former sccs/rcs user, i'm still a bit git-naive, especially
> w.r.t. branches.)
Many people maintain their own configuration either in a single file, and
copy it somewhere safe, or just set up a branch where their local changes
are versioned. When an update gets pushed to master, they either rebase
[1] or merge master into their config branch. Since repositories are
subject to access control, and since pushing is a quite explicit
operation, no real harm can be done that way (unless you manage to break
your local repository's history in a way that renders you unable to
properly receive and merge updates).

Hope this helps,


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