Re: [dev] Wayland compositors

From: Nick <>
Date: Wed, 8 Sep 2021 12:28:14 +0100

Hi Maarten et al,

Many thanks for your replies, this was very handy to read.
Interesting to hear that sxmo is moving in the wayland direction,
too. I haven't managed to get around to actually trying wayland yet,
as as ever my attention has been pulled in too many different
directions. But I'll get there.

Thanks to Страхиња Радић, too, for the link to the "wayland is bad"
github gist. The idea that a github gist is the place for such
discussion is funny to me, given that github's model and interface
is hardly suckless, but hey ho, such is modern internet life. To be
honest I found the arguments made there to be largely unconvincing,
and while the idea that compositing is not separated from window
management certainly seems dodgy on first reading, the wayland way
seems much nicer than X to my eyes. I'm reading the Wayland book at
the moment <>, so soon my opinion will be
better informed - don't take my words too seriously on the matter
for now.

The issue with suckless software depending on sucky libraries
outside of their direct control is an enduring one* with no easy
fixes, but it looks to me like the move away from X should go some
way to (hopefully) more solid foundations to build on in the future.
I'm an optimist, in this way.

Anyway, thanks again for all your thoughts.


* I'm thinking in particular of the repeated "emojis broke my st"
  mails, caused by a bug in Xft that noone upstream seems to care much
  about fixing, and the fact that surf is a really just a nice
  interface atop the hulking edifice of webkit2/gtk+
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