Re: [dwm] snapping bugs with multiple screens

From: Antoni Grzymala <>
Date: Thu, 8 May 2008 01:03:19 +0200

John A. Grahor dixit (2008-05-07, 17:57):

>> Having to use the mouse a lot can suck, but following Fitts' Law makes
>> it suck /significantly/ less, in my opinion. It might seem like it'd be
>> bad to not be able to move a window partially off-screen, but I don't
>> think I've ever intentionally meant to do so. The WindowLab wm[3] has
>> this feature, among many other interesting mouse-based behaviors. Using
>> it for a while a few days ago, I found this feature in particularly to
>> be very nice.


> I do what you propose eliminating all the time. Floating windows are
> annoying enough without having to look at all of every one of them. dwm has
> no concept of minimize other than sending to an unviewed tag but sometimes I
> want to get a window out of the way without sending it to another tag where
> I have to go looking for it later. The easy way to do that is to move it
> mostly off the screen.

How about a compile-time toggle for this behaviour? I personally agree
with the former poster, perhaps because the first windowing system I
used on a major scale was Amiga Workbench which did not allow moving
windows off-screen (but had a notion of sliding screens, emulated by
AmiWM IIRC). WindowsLab seem to be inspired by the Amiga WB too.

But obviously this does not have to suit all people.


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