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From: Aaron Marcher <info_AT_nulltime.net>
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2016 00:09:39 +0200

Fellow hackers,

my name is Aaron Marcher but I am better known as drkhsh. I started using
suckless software about two years ago. Since then I have been using dwm, st and
all the other great programs. About a year ago I joined IRC. I never posted to
the mailing list so thats the reason for this short introduction about myself.

Now to the actual content: I always wanted some statusbar in dwm. I started with
some shell script as pointed out in the wiki but it grew and used a lot of
resources. So I started to hack something in C. That project, which was
initially forked by "dwmstatus" and only intended to be used by me grew and
became something bigger. I started to write it, so that it can be easily used by
other people. Multiple entries per function (e.g. multiple batteries) are
supported and everything can be reordered and customized via a C header file
(similar to other suckless programs).

The following information is included:
- Battery percentage/state
- CPU usage (in percent)
- Custom shell commands
- Date and time
- Disk[s] status (free storage, percentage, total storage and used storage)
- Available entropy
- Username/GID/UID
- Hostname
- IP addresses
- Load averages
- Memory status (free memory, percentage, total memory and used memory)
- Temperature
- Uptime
- Volume percentage (ALSA)
- WiFi signal percentage and ESSID

Currently I am working on porting it to BSD as it is only made for Linux at the

Repo: https://git.nulltime.net/slstatus

Aaron Marcher

web: https://www.nulltime.net/ or http://nulltime5w3shrrc.onion/
gpg: 0x435BF54B
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