[hackers] A (much) simpler syscall tracer

From: Mattias Andrée <maandree_AT_kth.se>
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2020 21:43:44 +0200

Hi everyone!

For that last few days I've been writing an alternative implementation
of strace(1):


It is currently only implemented for x86-64 Linux.

It is ready for use, but you may find that it, as of yet, does not
provide a lot of information for every system call (there are a lot
if system calls, so it will take some time), but apart from that
everything is finished, except there two flags that may be useful
to add: print detailed signal information, and truncate strings
included in the output (so that for example cp(1) for a 1G file
wouldn't flood you terminal uninteresting binary data from a file,
so you can easier find the system calls). And then, maybe some
code cleanup is needed.

Unlike strace(1), this program will no allow you to modify syscall
results, filter traces, or give you timestamps, and will not give
you ugly output, and it returns syscalls results as is without
changing negative error codes to -1.

Is there any interest in this project?

Otherwise, I will stop development here and only occasionally add
some improvements (like syscalls formatters) and only accept patches
(like syscalls formatters, they are easily to add, hint, hint), and
continue on with my next project, which was the reason I made this
in the first place: a fakeroot(1)-like utility for package managers
and static linking.

Best regards,
Mattias Andrée
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