Re: [dev] dwm: XComposite patch

From: pancake <>
Date: Thu, 04 Jun 2009 16:07:27 +0200

isn't meta-0 the exposee you are looking for? didnt check your patch but
I prefer not to depend on composite or gl extensions that never work fine wrote:
> I have been using dwm for a long time now, and there is one thing from
> Compiz/OSX desktops that I miss; Exposť. I often find myself getting a
> little confused about where all my windows are, and want a nice
> overview. The only way to do this properly is with XComposite. I would
> like to point out now that this does not add support for any of the
> fancy transparency/shadows etc. that Compiz supports - the windows are
> automatically composited by the X server. The only change is that the
> full window contents is now available as offscreen pixmaps.
> This patch adds two things to dwm:
> - XComposite & XRender support (very small amount of code)
> - Exposť style window selector (with example use in config.def.h)
> Currently all the windows are scaled down and fitted to a grid on the
> screen. When a window is clicked on it is made the master window and
> you are taken to its tag(s). Pressing any key cancels. It would be
> quite easy to add keyboard support, but I only use it when sitting back
> (in "mouse mode"), so have not done so. It works best with monocle
> mode.
> The patch is against current mercurial tip (rev. 1396), but will
> probably work on other versions.
> I have tested it a bit, and it shouldn't eat your computer, but no
> guarantees.
> Tom
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