Re: [dev] dwm: XComposite patch

From: <>
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 2009 15:55:15 +0100

On 16:07 Thu 04 Jun , pancake wrote:
> isn't meta-0 the exposee you are looking for? didnt check your patch but
> I prefer not to depend on composite or gl extensions that never work fine

Thanks, but meta-0 is not what I am looking for; when I have a cluttered
X session:
1) I can't actually see much of the individual windows
2) Any floating windows (gimp etc.) occlude the windows underneath
3) Selecting and jumping to one of the windows is a pain

Neither XComposite or XRender are OpenGL extensions. XRender provides
server side Porter-Duff compositing of images, and has been in X since
2000 (XFree86 4.0.1), and should certainly be used whenever possible -
it provides the opportunity for massive accelerations (especially in
terms of client<->server communication). Admittedly the rendering
accelerations may not always be implemented - the nvidia binary driver
is the main offender in this - but it still all happens on the server.

XComposite I can see the objection to. It does seem to cause Xv to lose
VSync, whether this is a problem with the nvidia driver or another
issue I am currently unsure.

In the long run all rendering of the windowing system should be done on
the GPU, and XComposite/XRender are making the first steps. Whether we
will all still be using the monstrosity of X by then is another


Thomas Spurden

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