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From: pancake <>
Date: Mon, 08 Jun 2009 23:09:51 +0000

Ivan F. Villanueva B. wrote:
> El Mon, Jun 08, 2009 08:00:37PM +0200, pancake escribió:
>> I dont believe in politics, well... the ones that are currently
>> stablished, they
>> tend to make us believe that we can decide
> Pick up a subject you care about, gather others in a group, and then contact politicians to move
> forward your aims. You will see that this is possible and useful, specially in the European
> Parliament. Some MEPs would be thankful of your help.
> It is difficult to stand people who just whine about politics but do nothing political. Please
> apologise if you are not such a person.
Sadly I have enough personal issues these previous days, so yep im not
doing anything on politics, yep, it's ugly to whine without doing anything,
but the reason is probably the lack of interest after seeing that nothing
can change.

Maybe you are lucky enought to have decent politics in your country, but
at least in Spain the only thing I can see is that your vote allows you to
decide which kind of spectacle you want to see on TV the next 4 years.

It's like an interactive reality show, like many others, but with social

I dont think i have to apologize about anything I say, its just an opinion,
and if you dont support mine, is your task to understand my position.

Wyrmskull said:

> I don't think people know what's better for them.
> I bet that nothing good would come from a Facebook-like govt.
> If truely applied, democracy it's still the best tecnique we have to
> balance the extremisms.
> Wikis and collaborative works produce results mostly when supervised -
>but enlightened monarchies can too easily turn into tyrant's empires.
> Masses are too easily influenced by the media and they don't actually
> even deserve idealism.
> I'm probably just another quite disappointed guy from Italy.

Yep, I agree with you that people doesn't know what's better for them and
masses are easily manipulable by the medias. Facebook-like government
would be probably catastrofic, because people like to troll, and not
everybody likes or wants to decide their environment.

I personally think that actually democracy is not only a way to control
extremisms, its also a way to shut up minority opinions, and manipulate
the opinion of the masses.

That's because we think that it's actually the "best system", because ppl
can relay their life decisions to other people, and they are happy because
they can go home (if they can afford one), switch on the tv and have a
dinner while emptying their minds.

This is a reflection of the society, which makes people's life as empty as
possible, get a job, pay a house for the rest of your life, have
childrens and
die. That's sadly the maximum expectations of humans.

Maybe this is the "best" way to live, and at the end it's a personal
and everybody is free to choose this kind of life. But srsly, actually
minds are enought empty to make impossible to let them to choose, because
society has been teached to be in this way. That's what medias, directed
by psycolists has done.

And personally i dont relay on people managing such kind of life and
those quantities of money. But as i said in the other mail..i dont want to
extend this offtopic much more :P it will probably get into nothing.


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