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From: Ivan F. Villanueva B. <>
Date: Tue, 9 Jun 2009 11:04:45 +0200

El Mon, Jun 08, 2009 11:09:51PM +0000, pancake escribió:

> Sadly I have enough personal issues these previous days, so yep im not
> doing anything on politics, yep, it's ugly to whine without doing anything,
> but the reason is probably the lack of interest after seeing that nothing
> can change.

You can always change something. For instance in 2005 a lot of people gather together around the
organisation FFII and convinced most MEPs ('diputado europeo' in Spanish) to say no to a law
proposal to allow patents on software. Sadly, the battle is not over, but we can win.

You don't need to dedicate much time to help. If you are interested in stopping software patents for
instance, you can
    a) sign and promote
    b) Become a member of the FFII
    c) ask how to help more to the people most active

> Maybe you are lucky enought to have decent politics in your country, but
> at least in Spain the only thing I can see is that your vote allows you to
> decide which kind of spectacle you want to see on TV the next 4 years.

If everything political you want to do is to spend 30 minutes every 4 years voting, don't
expect a good politic out of it.

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