[dev] [wmii] Odd key behaviour after changing focus in 3.9b1

From: Martin Swift <martin_AT_swift.is>
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2009 02:06:19 +0000

Dear Comrads,

First off, many thanks for 3.9b1. Being the fairly content (read:
lazy) type I'd never bothered updating from 3.6r2 which is still the
most recent packaged version in Gentoo's Portage. Being stuck in bed
with the flu I took the time to update the ebuild for the new version
and upgrade. For those interested, a working ebuild is now in the
version bump bug report:

I was quite happy with the new version. I haven't had time to look
into the font issue which I was having on 3.6 but one thing is
bothering me quite a bit:

When I switch focus to certain applications, the first two characters
seem to be passed to the application with a modifier. After the colon
I'll move to another application and then hit the "c" character three
times:čc. The first keypress enters nothing, the second the č but
after the third keypress all is fine.

Just hitting MODKEY produces the same effect.

This always affects terminals and GTK applications (I've tried surf,
pidgin and the gimp). Qt applications sometimes work. Tagainijisho and
Opera are fine, and Anki works except just after being moved to a
different column or after pressing MODKEY).

Is this a known issue? Any hints as to how to debug or fix?

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