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From: Antoni Grzymala <>
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2009 13:01:29 +0100

markus schnalke dixit (2009-12-16, 12:29):

> > I've been pondering switching over to nmh in the recent years, but there
> > were some things holding me back. I'd be cool if you shared your
> > experiences, too.
> Encodings are handles pretty badly. Latin1 is okay, but UTF8 is hardly
> supported. MIME is usable, though one needs to learn how, cause it's
> different than in other mail clients.
> You will certainly want to configure nmh extensively to make it fit
> your needs. It's a bit like dwm where almost everyone has his patches.

That's for sure. Seems like I'll have to stick to mutt for the time
being, though I've briefly looked at some other solutions like sup [1]
and notmuch [2] (I quite the sense of humour around the second project).
Still, they're not quite ready to replace the comfortable workflow I
have with mutt.

> In any case, you need some low-level understanding of email to
> understand nmh.

That's probably not a problem, apart from MIME, which IMO is a
convoluted mess of a solution, esp. allowing nesting MIME messages
inside one-another...



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